1500 2013 Dodge Ram will not significantly different from the old version, however, most of the Ram 1500 upgrade new version lies in the necessity to create flexibility in different situations for a pickup trucks such as engine, chassis or suspension and transmission. Even the pickups have higher fuel consumption than the sedan, but due to very large utilities should still be many options. To increase competitiveness, Dodge has added a new engine for the Ram 1500 2013.

Ram 1500 is also equipped with Auto Start-Stop system also contribute to reducing fuel consumption, electronic power steering, designed to improve aerodynamics and features an air suspension system automatically adjusts. Air suspension on a Ram 1500 should be taken from the Jeep Grand Cherokee, when running in good condition roads, flat, will lower the suspension height to 3.3 cm to reduce air drag. Although power is essential for this truck, but they are also need to save fuel. To do this, Dodge has equipped the Ram 1500 2013 8 levels with automatic transmission (gear box up to 8 levels are encountered on the medium and high-end sedan than a truck) for both a V6 and V8 versions.

Dodge has added a V6 version next to the Ram 1500 5.7 litter V8 version. The V6 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar is providing 305 horsepower and maximum torque of 364 Nm, slightly more powerful than the V6 3.7 litter Ford F-150’s capacity of 302 horsepower but the torque maxima of the F-150 are 376 Nm. Ensure new Chrysler engine will save fuel “at least 20%” compared to 3.7 litters. engines will achieve fuel efficiency 24 MPG on the highway and 17 MPG city roads.

New V6 Dodge Ram 1500 slightly more than 34.5 kg compared with 3.7-liter engine going and 15 kg compared with 5.7 litter engine. And enhance the details of aluminium reduced by 15 kg, the new chassis is enhanced high tensile strength reduced by 15 kg. Currently, Dodge has not announced the price of the Ram 1500 2013.

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