With the goal of the competition front-drive BMW and Audi A1, Mercedes is reportedly considering the possibility for the small vehicles with the new name.

The X-class with low-end models will be located under the A-class at the same time the sale is expected to be 2018. German car company will develop new products based on the structure of the next-generation Renault Clio.

2018 Mercedes_Benz_X_class

Mercedes and Renault-Nissan alliance development cooperation program should be to reduce the production cost, X-class will be influenced by the partners. The new models will have a unique style with elegant interiors with high-tech options.

Mercedes X-class can use a 1 liter 3-cylinder or 1.5-liter 4-cylinder and the ability together with direct fuel injection system and turbocharger turbine. Estimated selling price for this car is less than $ 26,000 for the standard version. X-class will have both the sedan, hatchback and crossover and production numbers from 100,000 to 150,000 cars a year.