Top 10 Cars For Men


After the car list for women, The inside Line announced to the men’s cars which special attention, from the age of 14 years to the elderly in America. With the percentage of car buyers accounted for most men, the following car models are from strong design and superior strength and almost for men. In the list there are two Ferrari models. And not just sports cars, the trucks also expressed Masculinities. Here is the top 10 cars for men:

1. Ferrari 458

1. Ferrari 458 Italia Cars for men

Ferrari 458 priced at U.S. $ 278,000. Car equipped with a 4.5 V8 570 horsepower capacity. Interior work is the design director of Ferrari. The rate of male clients in the U.S. is buying 458 95.3%.


2. BMW 1 Series M Coupe

2. bmw_m1series_coupe cars for men

BMW 1 Series M Coupe uses turbocharged 6-cylinder twin turbine alignment. Seats sports style is leather. In the U.S., cars valued at $ 47,000. The rate is 92.2% male customers.

3. 2009 Audi R8

3. 2009_Audi_R8_V10 cars for men

2009 Audi R8 is priced at U.S. $ 113,000 and the rate of 91.4% male customers. The V8 engine with capacity of 414 horsepower and maximum torque is 430 Nm. The maximum speed of the car is 300 km / h. Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds.


4. Mercedes SLS AMG

4. Mercedes-Benz-SLS_AMG_ cars for men

The rate of male customers buying car door Mercedes SLS AMG wing in America is 90% to $ 183,000 price. The car acceleration time is from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 317 km / h with 6.2 V8 engine. Power car is 563 horsepower and maximum torque of 649 Nm.


5. Ferrari California

5. ferrari-california cars for men

California Ferrari V8 engine capacity is with 453 kW and 485 Nm of torque. Time acceleration takes only 3.7 seconds. The price is from $ 192,000 in the USA Rate of 88.4% male customers.


6. Porsche 911 Carrera

6. porsche-911-carrera- cars for men

Porsche 911 Carrera for the dynamic life in 2012 is priced from $ 82,100. Porsche 911 is with 3.4 liter engine capacity of 345 horsepower at 6400 rpm machine cycles / minute. It takes 4.4 seconds for the German sports car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h. Maximum speed 288 km / h. Rate of 88.2% male customers.

7. Nissan GT-R - cars for men
Nissan GT-R worth is nearly $ 70,000 at a rate of 87.9% male customers. Car using V6 supercharged 473 horsepower twin turbine and 588 Nm of torque. The maximum speed is 310 km / h. 3.5 seconds acceleration time.

8. GMC Sierra

8. gmc-sierra-cars for men
GMC Sierra Chevrolet Silverado is also called, is sample-size pickups from General Motors at a rate of 87.5% male customers.

9. Ford F-150

2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty
Ford F-150 is with a rate of 87% male customers, Ford F-series, a large line of Ford trucks proved the charm of American design and power for the local customers.

10. Chevrolet Corvette

2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. X06CH_CR028
Chevrolet Corvette rate of 86.9% male customers. Sports cars have up to 6 generations and have both versions for the track.