2012 Anadi Soleil is designed by designer Ugur Sahin from Turkey. For birth Anadi, a designer Sahin has established a company called Soleil Motors. In addition, Sahin worked with Ercole and Paolo Spada Spada Concepts from vendors as well as Will Castro of Unique AutoSport staff to design Anada. According to Soleil, Anadi ready to receive orders for consumer price $ 299,995. Expected, only about 300 units Soleil Anadi shipped worldwide.

The process of transformation into Anadi Chevrolet Corvette was held in Italy, where its agents Soleil first opened. Anadi is equipped with optional roof removing similar Chevrolet Corvette prototype, but the tail comes order. Anadi space inside was thoroughly refurbished Soleil but now the company has not announced an official image of the interior.

Located beneath the hood of supercars Anadi block is V8, supercharged, 6.2 liter capacity, and producing 651 horsepower capacity. Soleil said the company, through the testing process; Anadi has reached a maximum speed exceeding 321 km / h and takes less than 3.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-96 km / h. The other notable feature of the Soleil Anadi includes Brembo brakes, KW suspension, Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires and OZ wheels.

2012 Soleil Anadi supercar Photo